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The Bedtime Monster

Little Amir was afraid to go to bed Come every evening, bedtime he would dread. “O mummy can I stay up some more? Just one glass of milk then I’ll shut my door.” “Now, now,” said his mother, as she tucked him tight. “One more glass and you’ll be sick all night,” “Then how about […]

Stanthorpe apple orchard

The trip to the Sutton’s apple orchard in chilly Stanthorpe has become somewhat of an annual pastime for us. The first time being in autumn of 2008 (april-ish) and then twice last year. This year however harbored a very dry and un-apple-esque season and we were informed that the apple trees were bare and customers […]

Smile :)(;

This has been picked up from the weekly newsletter from our local mosque: – A man is talking to God. The man: God, how long is a million years? God: To me, it’s about a minute. The man: God, how much is a million dollars? God: To me it’s a penny. The man: God, may […]

Think about it…

A friend once told me that any moment of boredom or dullness is a moment being wasted…and I realized the value of this statement. Time is of the essence. And it is slipping away each minute, each second. What are we doing with our time? As long as we are doing something, praying, zikr, cooking, […]